Board of Directors


LEONARD J. McCULLOCH (President of TCM and Choir Director)is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, with 38 years experience, who is credentialed in the areas of Mental Health, Brain Injury, Traumatic Stress, Addictions and Social Work. He created and has directed “The Therapy Choir”, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan since 1998. With the “The Therapy Choir”, he has given 160 Free Shows as of January 1, 2008, including a performance for Former President Jimmy Carter, Governor Grandholm and audience of 2,000 at a Habitat for Humanity Detroit luncheon. The Therapy Choir performs at Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals, and Rescue Missions. With the Choir he has produced 5 CD’s and appeared on 5 PBS TV Specials and numerous Radio Shows. With Sherry J. Cantrell, he co-founded “The Therapy Choirs of Michigan”, a Michigan Non-Profit Organization, in 2007. They plan to develop separate Choirs for 1) Veteran’s (Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, Paralysis, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Blindness, and other Disorders), 2) Children and Adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, as well as other Developmental Disorders 3) Senior Citizens. See "Types of Choirs in Development" Page on this website. He is also the Author of a monthly column, “Our Mental Health”, which has been carried for the past eight years by the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers. He has published Mental Health articles for other Nationally and Internationally distributed Professional Journals. He has over 180 Publications, to date, and a book in progress. He can be reached by phone at (248-476-9329) and/or Email at:

SHERRY J. CANTRELL (VP and Treasurer) continues to have a successful career spanning the past 35 years at the senior executive level in a wide variety of industries.  With her years of experience, Sherry brings many talents to The Therapy Choirs of Michigan, such as business management, event and fundraising, grant compliance management, leadership, and organizational management.  She has volunteered with Len McCulloch on various other Therapy Choir projects for over 14 years.  She continues to coordinate the Choir's efforts with a small but very important band of volunteers. In 2007, she co-founded The Therapy Choirs of Michigan, a Michigan Non-Profit Organization. The organization plans to develop several Choirs for challenged or "differently-abled" citizens.  She can currently be reached by phone at 248-435-7031 or via email at